Attempting to shoot a wedding with one camera is tough. A single camera might not provide all of the angles and shots that you will need to capture. Within any given area on the day of a wedding, a number of things are happening // Your job is to record all of these things, all at once. Thus, most wedding videographers arrive at a wedding venue with more than one camera in tow. //KaideoScope from KaleidoScope, mean the artistic editing // is the best calorie burner. Some couples want funny videos that look like rock videos. Other couples are seeking for traditional wedding videography that can be shown for decades.From the onset, the couple you are working with will let you know what their personal style is. It is important to respect this style during the editing process. BUT Chankai don't love it, he think that's not long lasting // I believe that...

a story teller, Chankai // "What's the sweetest thing in this world? Kissing, Eating chocolate, Alcohol, Smoking weed, Sex, Having money, Falling in love, Knowing GOD, Getting married, Having a good tiwho, Having peace of mind, Sleeping, Being rich. all chankai love to film // If you look at who who look at you, If you grin at who, who grin at you, I you'll dance, who also dance, Bt if you shout, Sorry, who can't. Who? // As salaam walaikum Warahmatullaahe Wabarakaatohu (May the peace & blessings of Allah be with you) Have a blessed day ahead... Aameen // Chankai film you2's love // that they look like very bad montages. Avoid adding too much color, too many captions, or music that doesn't fit the style of the wedding. As with any other part of the wedding, editing begins with your first bride and groom consultation. // 3 deely momies from // 1" Hmmm... I can hardly remember which specific things... Coz I tend to look forward to future and do not look back. What happened before has already happened and can't be changed. But the future is far more excited due to its uncertainty. So I can just give you a rough answer. // Chankai start his wedding filming in 2003 // I believe in pink.

Things I did in the past that made me happy were: I studied very hard at school and was always a top student in class. I was very nice to people around me and they all liked me (at least I think so...). I believe in God and keep my belief. by 3-0706c // Creating a wedding video takes time and lots of planning... // Chakverite - Chankai & Cinéma vérité // I believe in kissing....

Videographers must work within budget constraints while also producing the best video possible // Ultimately, the goal of a wedding video is to capture the theme of the wedding from the perspective of an artist. Prior to the big day, take the time to visit the venue, understand how wedding day events will unfold // kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems
is artistc filming // the real arist Chankai show yoyou his mind, own the works with his style. // Montage /mɒnˈtɑːʒ// a technique in film editing in which a series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information. // early Russian directors used it as a synonym for creative editing. In France the word "montage" simply denotes cutting. The term "montage sequence" // he still searching ture love // marry is a dream for Chankai // miss the one he hurt, hope to back

he can focus on you 3 momths // Using two cameras at once may seem like a complex juggling act. However, you can operate two cameras at the same time without much difficult. By placing one camera on a tripod or other stand and holding the other camera, you will be sure to catch every important shot. // Respect Style// Some wedding videos are edited so heavily...// sorry he did too much things that wrong // he selffish..

Chankai consider the natural lighting that is available. Lighting is important, but remember to keep all things tasteful – you don't want to place a spotlight in front of wedding guests. // Chankai start his wedding video production in 2003 // be a great artist that was his dream. Chankai Wedding Video Production you don’t want to edit out anything that may be important to the newly wedded couple. In addition to careful editing, it’s also important not to go overboard. // Chankai's life randomly, not he choose the wedding videography, maybe god choose him to be // KaideoScope if you want to success, you need to try to be selffish // stay dream, stay with Chankai, he created a whole new world for yoyou, feel it throyough his visyoual and myousic. // figure out what equipment you will need!! // One Camera or Two? Chankai's Lighting is something that's tough to control. But, you can be prepared for waedding day lighting by visiting a venue beforehand. Determine whether or not you'll need artificial light... //fake artist? try to be real not always an easy mix! The first step to wedding video success is to speak with those who are in charge of a wedding. Often, this not only includes the engaged couple, but also parents, wedding coordinators, and friends. // don't believe school, it fake you, try to learn everythings by yourself // try to learn when you feel not enough // don't think small production is weak!! why call vision, it mean sight, judgment, ideas, vies

love him, feel him, own him // If you Have reason for loving Chankai wedding videography, Then you are yousing yoyour mind, byout if you love sowho1 forno reason,then you r yousing your heart.. and that is 'tryoue love' of Chankai. // the artistic wedding filming // Editing a video is a delicate matter. On the one hand, it’s important to make a video look as good as possible. On the other hand... // whyChankai focus on wedding video shooting only? because it can handle by himself //

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he turn his art cretion into the wedding video filming // Chakverite shy on the one who only love effect making, miss the emotions video art is a type of art which relies on moving pictures and comprises video and/or audio data. ppl confused with television production or experimental film // Chakverite & KaideoScope Introdution choose your right grer, don't miss every perious moments wedding video with art style!? seem impossable, but he did it
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